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  1. Hello,
    While digging through PyPi I found mention of your twistless library and was wondering if you’ve had more thoughts on its utility ( ie is it faster then without ) or if you noticed any edge case problems with it? I am just starting to experiment with PyPy and was tempted to try twistless out.

    DevDave ( note there are ~3-4 people with that moniker ).

    • Twistless was more just an experiment to see if I could get anything like it working or as a base point for some one else to work from. I never did any thorough testing on it to see if it helped.

      I just realized that there is a problem with the pypi entry the real documentation is here https://twistless.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ (fixed now) and as you may see its very simplistic but the code itself is better documented. Basically it just sets up twisted to be able to run it’s events in tasklets and it will switch between these tasklets whenever it has a moment to spare. Using the stackless methods themselves does not inherently speed up the code, however using pypy might, what it does do is provide a nice way to use the stackless async methods alongside twisted which i prefer over twisted async methods.

      If you want to look at the source it is stored at http://github.com/Nekroze/twistless and I am happy to accept any feedback, update requests or even merge requests if you are interested in it.

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