I had an idea for a game in a vast open world that has a war going on that I wanted to affect the world and the way the player plays the game. I was thinking about a static event/quest or even time based war where the game starts and you can, if you wish, take a side and help reach victory or even defeat. But I don’t like most things static, I love procedural content generation and dynamic worlds and game play. Continue reading “Warpyth” »

There are a lot of parser generators for python (many of which I haven’t been able to get to work right) and many of them are no longer maintained. I haven’t the skill to really provide, yet another, parser generator in python nor do I really want to. I am interested in hand writing a parser/lexer for Ninja and decided that I should probably make a solid base for the parser in the form of a simple parsing tools library. Continue reading “Partpy: Parsing Tools in Python” »

So, in general I love Python, it is fun to use and easy to manifest your ideas. The problem, as with all dynamic languages, is speed. When it comes to making code faster we all know the axiom “Premature optimization is the root of all evil” however sometimes there are simple things you can do from the get go so as not to have such a large change later on. Some things you know will be slow so in those cases why fool yourself into doing more work in the future just to stick to an axiom that may not always be true? Continue reading “Cython Speed Testing” »